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Thanks so much for coming to visit our site. This site is dedicated to Kevin Howard music, as well as all of Kevin's entertainment endeavors. Make sure to peruse the site, enjoy the music, and check our events pages to see when Kevin will be at a venue near you!!!

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Summertime Dates 

Just published some summer time dates for around the state and in Massachusetts! Looking forward to getting to see some friendly faces, and meet some awesome new people out there this summer! 

Stay tuned for even more dates, coming soon!


Thanks so much for coming to check out my site. I'm so excited to get a site that can do all the things I need, which is to both let everyone know where I'll be playing, while sharing with all of you the content I'm looking to put out there (like photos, videos, etc.). 

Take your time, look through what I've got here, and send me a note if you have any suggestions! 

Thanks so much, and enjoy!

- Kho

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