Product Offerings: 

Kevin is a full service entertainer and artist and venue consultant, offering several different product offerings to venues, clients, and all other interested parties. Here is a quick overview of some of the products Kevin offers: 

Live Music: Kevin offers elite live music to all of his clients, offering both cover and original music in many different formats. With over 500 cover songs in his repertoire, Kevin can find the right mix of tunes for any crowd. Kevin can play solo, acoustic duo and trio, or bring a full band offering at any time. 

Live Music Booking: Looking for the right band or musical artist for your room. Kevin has several years experience working with venues of all different 

Full Service DJ and Lighting: Kevin is also a full service DJ, capable of rocking out any venue, with over 200,000 songs in his library, along with a very solid light package that can bring out the right accents in any room. 

Live Sound and Recording: Kevin is also an experienced live sound engineer, doing work for many area sound companies, as well as his own band for the past several years. Not only can Kevin set your act to sound great, but he can record the entire show, and provide the files to the artists after the gig for post production. 

Rock Star Bingo: Kevin created a live music match game, with over 30 different games, perfect for any venue and demographic. Check out his Rock Star Bingo page for more details!!! 

Artist / Band Management & Consultation Services: With over a decade of experience in music recording, booking and playing venues up and down the east coast, Kevin offers a la carte services to bands and artists looking to progress their career. 

Venue Event and Analytics Consultation Services: Tired of trying to figure out whether you need entertainment, or how to effective determine if your entertainment is giving you the lift you're looking for? Kevin has 15 years experiences as a Business Analyst for several large corporations, gaining the necessary experience to crossover in to the hospitality industry.